Emily. 21. California.
Music, books, and bands are life.
Concert tickets and books shouldn't be so expensive though, let's be real.
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    How the dinosaurs really died.

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    Ashton you little shit :-)

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  • #there’s a part in moments where harry is meant to sing backup vocals #it’s during niall’s solo so you don’t hear it much but there’s a live recording of it where harry is most audible #and i swear it’s like one of the best things i’ve ever heard from him #the very first time i heard it i was caught by surprise i mean i felt a little bad that you couldn’t hear niall #but harry just sounded so good and you could hear the evolution in his voice as he sang and it was so great #his vibrato is possibly the most angelic sound to touch my ears in a long time #i actually feel like i can sit down and listen to that one part over and over again and i have because it just that good #don’t want to be reminded - don’t want to be seen kills me #it legitimately makes my stomach twist and turn because i can feel his sadness#i can feel all the troubles he’s been through coming back to him in a single span of 5 seconds #i can almost see him before me #maybe he closes his eyes as he sings door and key #and his eyebrows furrow and the lines at the corner crinkle as a result of his pure concentration #and his heart beats rhythmically with every other strum of the acoustic that travels in the background #my judgement’s clouded and he opens his eyes #this is it harry all or nothing your fans are waiting for you - your mates are right there with you - and you can picture the man of your dreams smiling as you sing #and maybe just maybe you look and you see him and you were right- he’s right there and he is smiling and it’s because it’s you and he loves you #then maybe harry will tilt his head up a little to take in the rush of this life he’s been chosen to live #and he’s dizzy and his mind feels disheveled because he can’t believe this is real and how amazing and endless the high feels #it’s~ like tonight’s sky #…and everyone haults to listen to louis so just close your eyes and listen…

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  • @Callum_SR: Good to meet you @Harry_Styles

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  • Good girls are bad girls that haven’t been caught.

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  • how do i stop growing up this isn’t fun anymore

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    I just really want Zayn to talk about all the things he’s ever wanted to say to anybody. He could rant for a whole fucking hour on why he thinks hulk is the best marvel character ever and I swear to god I’ll listen so well and I won’t interrupt him. He could talk to me about why he likes skating and singing and i don’t even fucking know. I just want Zayn to talk and talk until his voice gives out and I swear to god I won’t stop listening

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    Who let this happen.

    how the hell does he do that

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